David Moore


for libiptcdata 1.0.4

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This manual documents the interfaces of the libiptcdata library and has some notes to help get you up to speed with using the library.

About libiptcdata — general information
The IPTC Command-Line Utility — how to modify IPTC data from the command-line
libiptcdata Overview — how to use libiptcdata in an application
libjpeg Interoperability — an example of using libiptcdata together with libjpeg
Internationalization — using extended character sets with a libiptcdata application
IPTC Data Manipulation
IPTC Data — creating, loading, saving, and editing a collection of IPTC datasets
Datasets — manipulating a tag identifier and its associated value
Tag Specifications — querying tag usage information from the IPTC IIM specification
Format-specific Functions
JPEG — functions for loading and saving IPTC data from JPEG files
Helper Functions
Byte ordering — functions for decoding integer types of different byte-orders
Memory managment — hooks for defining your own memory managment functions
Error logging — Hooks for defining your own log-handling functions